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My name is Sara and I have worked for many years at the American bar of the St. Mauritius Hotel in Forte dei Marmi. I take care of the guests preparing aperitifs and international cocktails and personalized drinks.

Today I would like to teach you how to make one of my favorite ones, which you can easily make by yourselves even in your kitchen with friends. Light, refreshing, with that bit of sun and vitality that is a pleasure to take home with you as a reminder of the summer you have spent in Forte dei Marmi.



- Martini rosé 7 cl

- Passoa 7 cl

- Bitter Campari 7 cl

- Ice cubes

- Papaya and fresh currants to decorate



  • Put some ice inside a "Margarita cup" glass to cool it for a few minutes
  • Using a Boston shaker that consists of two parts, one in metal and the other in glass, pour into the metal one the ingredients of the cocktail: the Martini rosé, the Passoa and the Campari bitter
  • Add ice cubes to fill the container for 3/4. A little suggestion: do it right at the last moment, so that the ice does not melt
  • Close the shaker by fitting the metal part with the glass part
  • Shake vigorously for a few seconds
  • Put down the shaker with the glass part facing up; by pressing lightly on the upper edge of the metal part, you can easily remove the glass part
  • Remove the ice in the Margarita glass that we had left to cool
  • If you have it, use a professional strainer to prevent ice from falling during the process of pouring liquid from the Boston to the glass. If you don’t have it, you can safely use a simple kitchen strainer
  • Decorate your cocktail decorating it with a slice of papaya and currants placed on the edge of the glass.


Your creation is ready to be tasted.


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