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For all lovers of trekking and unspoiled landscapes, the Garfagnana extends behind the sea of ​​Versilia and boasts stunning paths you can walk along in close contact with nature, breathing deeply in the fresh and clean air close to by two beautiful mountain ridges: the Apuan Alps and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.

This land of legends and landscapes of rare beauty, in the province of Lucca, is only an hour by car from our 4-star hotel in Forte dei Marmi.


Below, we propose three itineraries in increasing order of commitment for lovers of walks surrounded by greenery. Ready? Backpack on your shoulder, let's get started.


Pania della Croce - Easy level

Nature and culture, with a pinch of mystery. What more could you ask for? This Garfagnana route will take you straight to the top of the queen of the Apuan Alps, the fourth highest mountain in the mountain complex: Pania della Croce, 1858 metres high.

It owes much of its popularity to the "Puntone in mezzo al Prato", also called "the Omo Morto (Dead Man)” (near the Rifugio Rossi). Pania della Croce, together with three other mountains, in fact, forms a figure vaguely recalling that of a man lying down - the Omo Morto - whose belly is represented precisely by the Pania.

A legend says that right on the mountain, a long time ago, a shepherd and a girl swore eternal love. The young shepherd, who has always been fascinated by the shimmering blue sea of ​​Versilia you can enjoy from the top of those peaks, decided one day to leave and head to the coast.

The girl remained alone on top of the mountain waiting for him to return.

Meanwhile, another pastor fell in love with her. The girl refused his attention, always waiting for her beloved one.

Due to the unrequited sentiment, the second pastor invoked the help of heaven to appease the torments of his lover. The young man sat down and was transformed into a stone giant, to prevent the girl from seeing the sea which caused her so much pain and melancholy.

The trekking path of Pania della Croce is full of charm and mystery, it lasts about three hours and starts, preferably, from the Piglionico Rifugio Rossi.


Monte Prado - Intermediate level

If the height is your passion, here is the Garfagnana route that suits you best. This walk will take you to the top of the highest mountain of whole Tuscany: Monte Prado, 2054 metres high.

We are in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. The landscape, dotted with greenery, extends sinuously around the mountain.

Right in the middle of nature, there is the Lago di Bargetana (Bargetana Lake), surrounded by grassy pastures frequented by shepherds and their flocks.

Not far away, you can see the rocky walls, where marmots find a safe refuge; you could spot them, especially on sunny days.

Scheduled departure and return both to Casone di Profecchia. Estimated walking time from 4 to 6 hours. Compared to the previous route, this is more challenging: it has medium difficulty.


Trekking Monte Pisanino - Pro level

If you are an experienced hiker: step forward, this is your turn. Ready for the complex route of the king of the Apuan Alps, Monte Pisanino?

1946 metres high, it can only be climbed by professionals.

If you are, go to Val Serenaia and take path number 178. You will reach the Foce di Cardeto. From here, go down for about 100 metres to Buca della Neve.

Catch your breath before starting the climb to the summit, close to the Foce dell’Altare and the Canale delle Rose.

From here, you will enjoy an amazing panorama, which embraces all the surrounding nature.

You can walk this path, round trip, in about 4 hours.


Choose the route that best suits your needs for trekking in Garfagnana. Enjoy a unique experience and, upon your return, let yourself be pampered in our 4-star hotel St.Mauritius, in Forte dei Marmi.

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